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In A Strategy of Mirrors Derek Brown has given us ‘an intangible / glimpse of what might have been Atlantis’. He describes a ‘City Built on The Holy Ground of Contradiction,’ his mirrors drawing us into a world populated by ‘people that have never heard the sound of their own voices’. Themes of estrangement and alienation are manifested through the false oppositions of our world of ‘fool-proof imperfections,’ contradictions that create the space in which we imagine ourselves.

This collection expresses exactly the kind of vision I seek in the poetry I read, an understanding acquired past the limits of exhaustion, a knowledge that turns metaphysics into a childish toy. In an age in which pestilence have taken away our naïve assumptions, this collection belongs in the space they have vacated.


'Reading A Strategy of Mirrors is a fascinating journey, by turns melodic, philosophical and abundantly rich with images.'


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