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EVERYONE working with Rymour Books has a passion for promoting Scottish literature, history and culture. Although, as a small independent publisher, we can only publish a limited number of titles in a year, we welcome proposals from new authors and editors for books to add to our list.

Pleae note that we generally publish books from Scottish authors or of Scottish interest. Browsing our current list will give a good idea of the type of material we are interested in.

We select our publications for their intrinsic worth rather than commercial concerns. However, as we have limited resources, we are especially interested in proposals that:

1. Do not require substantial development work.
2. Have associated funding.

Please send us your proposals initally by email to info@rymour.co.uk. Depending on the material, one of us will have a look at it and get back to you within a couple of weeks.

We hope you will consider if you would like to join us. Rymour Books offers our authors the following:

1. All our books are professionally designed, typeset and printed using environmentally friendly paper resources.
2. Every book has an ISBN number and is registered with the Nielsen Book Agency.
3. A copy of every book is deposited in the Scottish National Library, the British Library and four other libraries of record (the National Library of Wales, the Library of Trinity College Dublin, the Bodleian Library, Oxford and Cambridge University Library.) Also, for poetry titles, the Scottish Poetry Library.
4. Books can be ordered from all major UK book shops.
5. Our books are registered with the British Library Cataloguing-in-publication service (used by UK libraries).
6. Books are available for sale on our own website and Amazon and are also promoted on Facebook and Twitter. All our books are also available as eBooks readable on Google Play Books.
7. Whenever possible, we take our books to book launches, writing events, etc.
8. Whenever appropriate, our books are sent for review to periodicals and nominated for literary prizes.
9. Our books are offered on trade terms to book shops.
10. We pay authors royalties at the rate of 10% of the cover price of their book and 50% of the sale price for ebooks.
11. Authors can purchase their books, when available, at trade cost or less.
12. Authors can purchase other Rymour Books titles at discounted rates.
13. Author details appear on our website (in our PEOPLE section) and the authors have the option to be contacted via the website.

The points above are indicative and are not to be regarded as constituting a contract.