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Rainbow, an African shaman travels through London in the early-nineteenth century in an attempt to locate the gods who will rescue his homeland from famine. Ending up with the mercenaries in the Peruvian War of Independence he finds his own resolution. A period novel that deals with very contemporary issues of racism and colonialism.

‘ …redemptive, transcendant and packed with imaginative detail …a vivid and compelling read. I loved it.

‘ …Magical realism with a political edge—a quest novel that raises questions about the conquest of fears as well as foes.’ WILLY MALEY

‘ …evoking the shambles of nineteenth-century British and Spanish empires, Lloyd-Jones weaves multiple stories of war and racism, greed and hatred, love and friendship, famine and draught—themes still relevant today.’

‘The author is a past master of reaching out to all of the reader’s senses, evoking sounds, smell, sights. He has the rare ability to evoke a scene with the judicious, not overuse, of adjectives. . . he makes his characters distinct and believable.’ MARY IRVINE

ROBIN LLOYD-JONES has been writing non-fiction and fiction for adults and teenagers for five decades. He has been longlisted and shortlisted for several prizes and was the winner of BBC Bookshelf/Arena First Novel Award.