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Hamish Henderson was a poet, a folk song scholar and a seminal figure in Scottish culture in the twentieth century. Not surprisingly, the hundredth anniversary of his birth in in 2019 spawned a great many celebrations of his life and work. This occasion was also marked by the publication of a new collected edition of his poems and songs, edited by Corey Gibson.

'Ian Spring and I shared long-term friendships with Hamish Henderson. Since Hamish’s death in 2002 a great deal has been written, and spoken, of his legacy. Regrettably, for many who knew and admired the man, comment has often seemed overly adulatory and credulous. Ian Spring believes strongly that Hamish deserves better. His critical appreciation of Hamish’s life shares the admiration and affection in which he was held by so many whilst seeking to debunk some of the myths and misinformation which are increasingly reprised as fact.

For all those seeking a better understanding of this charismatic and inspirational man, Ian Spring’s book goes a long way towards establishing an objective framework for continued study of Hamish Henderson’s life and work.'