rymour books independent scottish publisher Foot of the Walk






release date 4th December 2023




This book tells the remarkable story of Edward Tull-Warnock. An orphan adopted by a Glasgow couple, he was descended from slaves in Barbados. He became a pioneering dental surgeon and member of the Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow.

A talented sportsman, he was a champion golfer and played football for various teams including Ayr Parkhouse. A keen supporter also, He encouraged Glasgow Rangers to sign his brother Walter Tull who was also one of the first black footballers to play in the top division of the Football League with Tottenham Hotspur.

Edward was also a renowned singer of ‘Negro Spirituals’, keen follower of Paul Robeson, a campaigner for the National Health Service and a member of the Socialist Medical Association.

This meticulously researched book tells his story from its
antecedents from the sugar plantations of Barbados through his exemplary career. More than a life study it is a social history of the Caribbean diaspora and of the mixed ethnicity community in the UK.

Not just a biography but a tour-de-force of current social concerns that follow from the Black Lives Matter movement and other issues of ethnicity, identity and belonging.